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Below are a few of the most common services we offer:

Pool Resurfacing

Perfect for revamping an old tired looking pool, it will be like new!

Pool Repairs

Rust and Rebar Stains - We cut out steel rebar stains completely and fill them in with plaster to ensure they will not return.

Cracked Tiles - Cracked tiles that are caused by earth movement, indicate underlying problems. Often the tile and coping will need to be removed to help us evaluate the damage and ensure the new tiles will adhere properly. To repair underlying cracks, we will cut the crack open and either fill it with bonding material and plaster, or inject it with a highly durable epoxy.

Surface Cracks - This type of irregular cracking, which often looks like spider webs, occurs when the pool has been left empty or the plaster is old. These cracks do not indicate underlying problems and are removed during our normal sandblasting or stripping procedures.

Spas - Add value to your property by installing a spa. Our experienced craftsmen can create a new spa to match your existing pool, or create one from your own design. A truly relaxing experience!

A Reef Step - A reef step is a large shelf at the entrance of your pool that is usually 30 to 50 cm deep. It allows you to soak or lounge without being completely submerged under water. A reef step is also a great way of making your pool toddler-friendly.

Raise the Deep End - Is your pool too deep? Why settle for a pool that is less than perfect for you and your family? A shallower pool will be warmer and therefor save on energy costs.

Pool Deck Repair - We can repair your existing pool deck without a total rebuild. We can grind down areas that have lifted, thus removing tripping hazards, fill in cracks, cut out and replace broken expansion joints or remove and replace small sections of damaged concrete.

How long will a major repair project take?

For your convenience, we schedule all our re-plastering projects to occur on consecutive days. The number of days will depend on the amount of work required and weather conditions. A typical project schedule would be as follows:

• Day one - We drain the pool

• Day two - Our team will remove old plaster, tiling, coping, etc.

• Day three - New coping is installed.

• Day four - The new tiling is completed.

• Day five -  We plaster your pool and begin refilling it with water.

Guaranteed as long as the pool structure (steel and gunite) remains sound, start up procedures recommended by us are followed, and  the water chemistry after start up is properly maintained in accordance with the instructions specified by us or a reputable service company. Water chemistry consists of: Total Alkalinity, pH, hardness (calcium and magnesium), total dissolved solids (TDS) and the absence of iron, copper and other stain-producing metals.